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Hello! guys.....how are you today I have good news for u just choose every thing u want for presentation .0k منزل الاحلام Dreaming house Hi

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Hello! guys.....how are you

today I have good news for u just choose every thing u want for presentation .0k

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Dreaming house
Hi good morning everyone , thank you for coming, I' m (your name) , and these are my friends , reem and hajer, today we will talk about the home of dream in future , I hope you'll enjoy it I'll leave you now with Hajer to tell more about it . and if you have any questions don't be shy to ask we'll be happy to answer them all.
The house of my dreams reflected who I was becoming. For the psychologist Carl Jung, building a house was a symbol of building a self.
Imagine if you could have any house you wanted. Money is no object. You can place the house anywhere in the world (or off it) and you can build the house from any materials you wish.
What would that house look like? What would be the color and ****ure of the walls, the shape of the rooms, the quality of the light?
When I was a child, I dreamed of a house shaped like a doughnut. Rooms would be arranged in a ring around a central courtyard, and the courtyard would have a glass roof, a steamy climate, and exotic tropical birds. All windows in this house would look inward at the courtyard. No windows would look outward at the exterior world. This was an introverted, perhaps egotistical, house.
For the psychologist Carl Jung, building a house was a symbol of building a self. In his autobiographical Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Jung described the gradual evolution of his home on Lake Zurich. Jung spent more than thirty years building this castle-like structure, and he believed that the towers and annexes represented his psyche.
Clare Cooper Marcus, a Professor of Architecture at the University of California in Berkeley, has written extensively about the relationship between dwellings and the people who occupy them. Her book House as a Mirror of Self explores the meaning of "Home" as a place of self-expression, as a place of nurturance, and as a place of sociability. Marcus spent years looking at people's drawings of memorable childhood places, and her book draws on Jungian concepts of the collective unconscious and archetypes.
If the houses we live in are so significant, what about the houses we imagine? What do our wishes say about who we ar

How to make your life happy ??! "كيف تجعل حياتك سعيدة؟؟

Hi, today I went to talk about an important problem in our life, the problem is:

"How to make your life happy??!"

Many people think that the life be comes happy by having money or being rich.
But the true is? To have a happy life you have to obey God by doing things your God commands us to do like: praying the five prayers in the exact time, going to Hajj or Omrah, reading Quran.
The 2nd thing is obeying your parents especially your mother because the Para Dise is under feet of mothers.
And don’t forget your father because he working hard to make your life save and best.

Finally I wish you to have happy life and good life

Flower الورود

A flower is the part of the plant that makes the seeds. The main parts of a flower are the carpels and stamens. These parts are often found in the center of the flower. There are egg cells in the carpel and pollen cells in the stamen. All flowers have four basic parts: sepals, petals, carpels and stamen. Different flowers have different numbers and shapes of these parts.
Plants can not move from one ******** to another, thus many flowers have evolved to attract animals to transfer pollen between individuals in dispersed populations.
and also Many flowers have important symbolic meanings in many culture. Some of the more common for Example

the Red roses are given as a symbol of love, beauty, and passion.

التدخين smoking

can buy cigarettes and smoke pretty much anywhere — even in hospitals! Ads for cigarettes were all over the place. Today we're more aware about how bad smoking is for our health. Smoking is restricted or banned in almost all public places and cigarette companies are no longer allowed to advertise on TV, radio, and in many magazines.

Almost everyone knows that smoking causes cancer, emphysema, and heart disease; that it can shorten your life by 10 years or more; and that the habit can cost a smoker thousands of dollars a year. So how come people are still lighting up? The answer, in a word, is addiction.

Tears الدموع

People are the only animals that cry . When some one dies, we cry .When a baby is born, we cry . When a dear person graduates, we cry .When we see people in trouble, we cry. We cry on different occasions the happy ones and the sad ones too. We cry for thousands of reasons , but no body knows really how we cry . Crying is a mystery .
What is the true explanation for our tears? . What are tears ? How do they come ? Why do they coma ? Modern science doesn't have all the answers to these questions ..
We know a few facts a bout tears. We know , for example, that all tears have salt in them . We also know that there are two kinds of tears : emotional tears and reflex tears . Emotional tears come from feeling like happiness . Reflex tears come when we get a piece of dirt in the eye or we peel onions ..
William Frey, a scientist who is studying the chemistry of tears, said that there is more protein in emotional tears than in reflex tears ones, but nobody knows why there is that extra protein, and nobody knows where it comes from.. .
Frey's study also shows that women cry more often than men . They cry four times as often as men . However the study doesn't tell why that happens. Is because of biology? Or is it ok for women to cry in our society unlike men..
Frey has a theory about crying , but it hasn't been proved yet. He says that stress and pressure produce poison chemicals in the body . Crying is people's way to remove these poison chemicals out of the body..
Psychologists also believe that crying helps reduce stress that can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, and other serious disease. For our health, it may be good for all of us, men and women, to have a good cry more often
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